• Why Emoji Socks?

    I recently launched the new Emoji Sock collection.

    But why? What is the fascination with Emojis anyways?

  • What goes into the prices of the products on your store?

    As an online shopper myself, I hate the shock of shipping once you get to the checkout page - there is nothing worse!

    So, I have incorporated it into the cost of each product so what you see is what you pay (or if you're international, just add $10 to your whole order).
  • Protect Your Noggin! Introducing Hats & Beanies

    Introducing my new Hats & Beanies Collection. 

    Keep warm & protect your noggin with these unique 3D puff embroidery hats & beanies. 

  • Welcome to my new Online Shop

      Hi!My name is Beth Rowe Graphic Designer, Artist & Founder of Beth Rowe Designs based in Penrith, NSW Australia. This shop is where I ...